Tea Sense makes a new wave for tea time and well-being with different flavours

March 4: India is known for its aromatic roots of tea and tea is amongst the most preferred beverages consumed in the country. India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, although over 70 per cent of its tea is consumed within India itself. Every evening in majority of Indian households witness family members discussing how their day went over a cup of tea. India has a huge market for teas, and one has to come with an extraordinary idea around it to become extraordinary or outshine amongst the competitors.

Tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs often cannot proceed to a distinct conclusion – which tea brand in India produces the best tea? With tea being a year-round crop, you can expect great varieties in its taste, flavor, and aroma.

Sheetal Agarwal – The enthusiastic lady who brewed an aromatic cup of Tea and arose the nation’s ‘Tea “Senses”

With a mission to give every Indian the satisfaction of brewing teas immediately after production and a vision to reach every household to stimulate the senses of Indians and make them feel content after every sip, Sheetal Agrawal started her journey of exploration in one of the most treasured yet competitive industry in India, the Tea Industry.

With a family lineage of 40 years in this segment, Sheetal always dreamed of creating a premium tea brand and taking her tea passion to the skies that it always deserved. In converting this dream into reality, her being a Commerce major played a vital role in strengthening her entrepreneurial brawn. Along with being a commerce graduate, she also added glitter to her portfolio by securing the degree of Associate Company Secretary from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. These incomparable achievements and the spark to create a dent in the Tea Industry inspired her and conclusively she founded Tea Sense.

If you have fallen in love with tea, this is the perfect time to try out Tea Sense this year. Let us see how the Tea Sense tea feels, and learn more about its advantages. However, before that, let us see what Tea Sense has to offer you.

Tea Sense is a homegrown natural and premium tea brand that offers the best quality tea blends from the highest altitude and authentic tea gardens of Darjeeling. The teas arrive fresh in their warehouses and are Vacuum Packed to ensure the preservation of their aroma, freshness, and original taste for a much longer time. Tea Sense’s tea collections are majorly bound to Immunity boosting factors that are the need of the hour in the current condition of human health. Apart from this, there are various categories that range from stress relief, weight loss, post-pregnancy weight loss, etc.

Post COVID-19, people have started to focus on their personal health above all other things. In fact, being health conscious is the new supremacy that people bow to over the internet today. Adhering to the importance of physical and mental health wellbeing to the forefront of people’s consciousness. Tea Sense has associated a healthy lifestyle with Chai that we Indians can kickstart our day with.

The brand has an innumerable range of tea blends like Milk Teas, Darjeeling Teas, Natural Herbal Blends, Organic Floral Teas, and much more. They also have Tea Sense Signature Blends which are their bestsellers giving you their authentic tea mixes with exceptional taste and quality never experienced before. The brand is now focusing on increasing its distribution channels and expanding its product range. Recently, they have also added an exclusive range of Tea Wares to their collection, also Tea Bags and a new range of Premium Gift Boxes are lined up for launch next month.

On asking about her journey and the results of her endeavours, Sheetal commented, “Nothing can be made in one day. Tea Sense is the outcome of my observations that I got from my family which has been in this business for more than 40 years. I always had a niche of sensing the best aromas of teas around the country and providing them to each and every Indian, Tea Sense is the shaped model of my strategies. As being one of the pioneers in manufacturing organic hand-picked tea blends and delivering them to the doorstep of a tea lover, we have emerged as one of the most rapidly growing tea brands and we are confident that in the upcoming days, our venture is going to break records of sales.”

Tea Sense is the best import export tea seller in India’s Teasense- Best Tea Shop Store in India. teas online at affordable prices for a wide range of Tea products Milk Tea/Chai, Darjeeling teas, Green Tea, Tea Sense is top 20 Wholesale for Flavored Tea and Chai in Asia, Tea Sense is the largest tea-growing Indian Tea Export and manufacturing India 2022, Tea Sense is also best tea manufacturing for all flavored teas in India with more than 40 years family lineage www.teasense.in  

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