Trabaajo Inc. Launches The First Ever Virtual HR

This Innovative Company Is Set Out To Empower Both Job Seekers And Job Givers

California (USA), September 9: Today, Trabaajo Inc., a Human Resources Service company, has announced that they are finally launching their revolutionary product Asktrabaajo. In 2016, Trabaajo Inc. began its journey into the corporate world as a Human Resources Service. Ever since then, they have successfully claimed the title of being the torch bearer for automating the HR departments with their innovative minds. After first ideating the product back in 2019, the company is finally ready for the world to see Asktrabaajo. This is a piece of fascinating news for organizations that have been looking for a technological alternative for the HR department in their company.

With its voice-based virtual assistant model, the brand has changed everyone’s outlook on Human Resources. After reviewing the $22 billion market in the US, Trabaajo is breaking all the barriers in this market which is growing at a 9.2% CAGR.

This virtual assistant is capable of single-handedly handling the entire hiring process. From profiling candidates, scheduling and conducting live video interviews, maintaining a live database, and tracking every applicant, Asktrabaajo automates every administrative task and reduces human effort. Asktrabaajo is specially designed to eliminate human biases in an organization and help every employee improve professionally by providing honest feedback on their work and conduct. What’s more rewarding about Asktrabaajo is that according to a case study they conducted, the implementation of Trabaajo helps save around 5,083 human hours, along with saving INR 1.7 Crore, which is equivalent to US$ 236,000.

Asktrabaajo proudly presents its top achievements of being the Winner of the Best HR App at the World HR Congress in 2017. Besides that, they have also managed to land themself among the top 5 applicants at Startup Turkey. Speaking of achievements, Asktrabaajo is already entering the blockchain area, making Trabaajo the first company to take HR technology to blockchain. The future for Trabaajo seems extremely bright as they are also soon launching their very own cryptocurrency, which will facilitate some better payment options.

Asktrabaajo has already been successful in spreading its wings on a global scale. With this brand new virtual assistant Asktrabaajo, they plan on becoming the most economical HR tech software on this planet.

If you want to know more about this product launch or the company itself, you can visit their website: or their LinkedIn page.

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