Discovering the Path to Self-Realization: A Journey with Author Vishisht Mishra

New Delhi (India), September 8: Vishisht Mishra, born in Ayodhya, holds a Master of Technology in Thermal Engineering. He mentors civil services aspirants on various platforms and is currently working for a reputed coaching institute. Vishisht won numerous recognitions for his works on various platforms.

Shiva: A Path to Self-Realization is his debut book, and he has several more on the way.

A lot has been written and read about Shiva. I have tried to say the same things that are easily known to the general public. I want to present some of those in simple words to get to know ourselves and how the same can be used to make life simpler. This book is neither a collection of fictional stories related to Shiva nor an extract of any book elaborating on Shiva.

This book portrays Shiva as the destroyer of all our dilemmas in today’s complex existence and Shiva as the source of light for self-actualization in a straightforward manner through his life stories.

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Let’s delve into the author’s insights.

Q1. What is the core of your book?

Ans-  Shiva, a deity regarded for symbolizing the beginnings of life, is the main character of book “Shiva: A Path to Self Realization.” It challenges accepted wisdom and urges readers to take a profound journey towards self-awareness in this ground-breaking book. I tried to explore the transforming potential of self-awareness with passion, guiding readers to understand themselves as soon as they commit to personal development. I tried to provide readers with an exclusive road map to negotiate the complexity of modern existence by fusing Lord Shiva’s life and teachings with current issues, pulling guidance from ancient wisdom.

Q2. What inspired you to write “Shiva: A Path to Self Realization”

Ans- I mostly see people disturbed by different turbulences in their life and keep repeating names of gods, though chanting and praying is good but what if I would say you will not be trapped in these problems if you try to learn from life stories of Gods itself. In an age where the idea of self realization is the ultimate happiness frequently associated with renunciation, I strongly want to convey that self-realization is as much about embracing one’s true essence as it is about living authentically and embracing life’s myriad experiences. Most people believed that self-realization is only achieved by staying away from the world. Through “Shiva: A Path to Self Realization,” I encourage readers to go inward, make meaningful connections, face obstacles with unwavering optimism, and find satisfaction in life’s little joys.

Q3. Is there any advice that you want to share with your readers?

Ans- Because there are so many different ways to achieve self realization, the path to self-realization is as varied as it is dynamic.”Shiva: A Path to Self Realization” emphasizes Lord Shiva’s essential function as a beacon of light on the path to give and get extreme love in lives, solving dilemmatic problems, maintain pinpoint focus and ultimately achieving happiness in life which is nothing but self awareness and self realization.

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