Unveiling the Ultimate Stainless Steel Water Filter Candle: Clean Water Made Easy!

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], September 20: Water is a basic necessity for human life. There will be no life if there is no water. However, the quality of water is also crucial. Bad-quality water can cause several health concerns. Thus, you must monitor the purity and quality of your drinking water. 

In the past, most people drank water from a spring or well. But, these water sources can be contaminated with chemicals and microorganisms. That is why you need a stainless steel water filter system to ensure your drinking water is clean. 

stainless steel water filter candle gets rid of bacteria, viruses, and other toxins from the drinking water supply. It also removes contaminants like lead, chromium, nitrates, arsenic, cadmium, benzene, and nitrites from the water. 

Why is the stainless steel water filter candle the best?

Candle filters are an alternative approach for eliminating fine particles. These rigid barriers are suspended like candles in the flow stream. 

The RAMA POSTreat Steel Fluoride reduction cartridges are made with high-grade stainless steel material. They enhance your water filtration system in many ways. 

  1. Removal of fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in water sources. It is ingested in public water supplies to avoid tooth decay. However, consistently adding fluoride can result in long-term health challenges like osteoporosis. POSTreat candle filters effectively remove over 95% of fluoride from water using Activated Alumina.  

  1. Compatibility

You can use the fluoride reduction filter with any gravity water filter having a thread size of ¼ inch. So, whether you are using a Berkey, Doulton, or other Gravity System, the filter is compatible and lets you start enjoying the benefits of clean water without changing your complete water filter system. 

  1. Durability, safety, reusability, and sustainability

Unlike other filter materials, the use of the highest grade 304 stainless steel prevents corrosion and re-contamination of water. The filter casing is designed to be non-disposable. You just need to refill with sachets of Activated Alumina at intervals of four to six months. 

  1. Convenience

The POSTreat is usable even without technical expertise or specialized knowledge. You can use the simple step-by-step guide we provide to avoid spending money or time on any expensive or inconvenient plumbing processes. 

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