Eduport Earns Recognition at EdTechX Awards During London EdTech Week

Kochi (Kerala) [India], June 21: Kerala-based EdTech startup Eduport has been named runner-up in the Formal Education (K12) Award category at the prestigious EdTechX Awards. Eduport CEO Akshay Muraleedharan received the award at the London EdTech Week, which took place from June 10 to 20.

This recognition underscores Eduport’s significant contribution to the EdTech sector with its Adapt platform. Powered by artificial intelligence, Adapt offers personalized training solutions, catering to the individual needs of K-12 learners.

Global Recognition Fuels Funding Opportunities for Eduport

London EdTech Week, a global gathering that serves as a hub for innovation and collaboration in education technology, brings together over 2,000 attendees from more than 100 countries. It features a wide range of events, including conferences, workshops, and hackathons, all focused on exploring the latest advancements and trends in EdTech. The EdTechX Awards, held as a highlight of the week, celebrate excellence in the field and provide a platform for promising EdTech companies to gain recognition. Earning a spot as a runner-up at these awards is a significant achievement, showcasing Eduport’s potential to make a real impact on the education sector.

Eduport’s achievement is a win not just for the company, but also a testament to the burgeoning EdTech sector in Kerala. Being recognized on a global scale is expected to open doors for increased funding opportunities for Eduport, following their recent backing from Verso Capital. This success story exemplifies the immense potential and exciting opportunities that lie ahead for the EdTech sector in Kerala.

Eduport Celebrates EdTechX Accolade

Eduport’s CEO, Akshay Muralidharan, expressed his excitement at the recognition. “We are incredibly honored to be recognized as the runners-up in this prestigious London EdTechX award,” he said. “As a homegrown startup from a Tier 3 city, this accolade is a testament to our team’s relentless dedication to harnessing AI technology to democratize education.”

Muraleedharan went on to describe the impact of Eduport’s Adapt Learning Technology. “With our state-of-the-art platform, we have not only enhanced the learning experience but also made it more accessible and personalized for learners everywhere, regardless of their location or background,” he explained. 

“As both the founder and a teacher at Eduport, I’m thrilled to be recognized as runners-up in the London EdTechX award,” said Ajas Mohammed Jansher, Eduport’s founder.

“This honor underscores our commitment to using AI and Adapt Learning Technology to make education more accessible and personalized for every student.”

Jansher emphasized the significance of the award for Eduport’s future, “We’re on the brink of transformative changes in our education system, and this global recognition is a significant step forward,” he stated. “Our goal remains clear: to ensure that quality education is a right for all, not just a privilege.”

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