Kerala-based healthtech startup Vieroots all set to launch India’s first Biohack Centre at Kochi

Kochi (Kerela) [India], July 3: Vieroots, a Kerala-based startup which is revolutionising the Health and Wellness ecosystem through its innovative Biohacking science is going to open its touch points across India. The first Biohack centre will be launched soon in Kochi. The centre has been set up with world-class amenities. It offers highly personalised and unique wellness solutions by integrating genetic science, nutrition, and fitness with advanced technologies like AI and IOT. 

Biohacking helps one to analyse health scientifically and systematically as well as to manage it effectively by themselves. It evaluates the health status with genomic and metabolic diagnosis processes. Then it provides the exclusive correction procedures to be executed, with set standards. The process helps to lead a disease-free life by enhancing health. It restores, rebounds, rejuvenates and revives the body and mind.

Biohacking comprises a set of standardised and systematic protocols including Consultation, Assessment (Through Genomic and Metabolic Diagnosis), Personalised Plan, Implementation, Coaching, Support, Monitoring, Modification and Ongoing Support.

EPLIMO (Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification) is the major unique feature, which is done through diet control, exercise, and mental wellness based on an AI-powered genomic and metabolic analysis. It is designed based on an individual’s DNA and present health status. The centre provides each individual with a suitable tailor-made package developed with the help of relevant biohacking modules. The appropriate procedure is finalised after a thorough bio-decoding.

The Biohack approach is coming up with multiple advantages including Peak Performance, Longevity Healthy Ageing, Pain Management, Recovery, Lifestyle Diseases Reversal and Weight Loss. The centre offers all fundamental and advanced Biohack protocols. Many of them are rare and even the most advanced in the domain. Beauty, Longevity, Recovery, Rebound, Pain Management, Diabetes Reversal, PCOD Reversal, Weight Loss etc are some of the prominent protocols readily available at the centre. A highly personalised plan will be chalked out on a case-to-case basis following a thorough assessment and consultation.

The centre is well-equipped with various cutting-edge therapies, Custom Nutritional IV Treatments, Personalised Nutrition, Diet & Fitness Plans etc. It also offers some of the latest and most relevant therapies including Red Light Therapy, Electrolytes, Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge, Pulse Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Ozone therapy etc. The equipment is highly sophisticated and backed by the most advanced technologies. Many of them are introduced in India for the first time.

Vieroots Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd is a unique startup launched four years back in the domain of Human Performance Optimisation using Biohacking. It has been operating in multiple verticals including preventive genomics, lifestyle disease management, nutraceuticals, biohacking devices etc. Vieroots’ bio hack centres aim to extend their services effectively by enacting as touch points. The company plans to open biohack centres across India soon and abroad later.

Biohacking has emerged as a game changer in modern health science. It has become quite popular in developed countries. Ideation, Innovation and Development are taking place at a fast pace in the domain on a day-to-day basis.

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