Is Astrology true or a myth?

New Delhi (India), July 11: Since ancient times, astrology has captivated human curiosity and provided a framework for understanding the celestial influences on our lives. But often, we see that the big question arises in front of us that Is Astrology true or false? Some people use to deny the truth of Astrology where, as some people believe in Astrology whole heartedly. Let us explore the foundations of astrology and its parallels with scientific principles to shed light on this captivating subject.

Understanding Astrology

Astrology is an ancient practice that tries to find a connection between the stars and human lives. It believes that where the planets are when someone is born, the planets can affect their personality, relationships, and life events. Astrologers use birth charts, or horoscopes, to observe where the planets were at a person’s birth and how they might influence different parts of life.

Besides this, people believe in astrology because it seems to make accurate predictions. Some individuals claim that astrology has predicted things that happened to them. 

Astrology and Science:

Astrology and science are different, but they have some similarities. Both involve studying and interpreting data. In science, researchers do experiments to test their ideas, while astrology relies on observations and wisdom from many years. Astrology is not considered a science, but it helps people to understand how the universe and human experiences might be connected.

Criticism and skepticism

But, some people criticize astrology by saying its predictions are too general to be reliable. They think that astrology can seem accurate because people interpret vague statements to fit themselves. Skeptics also say that scientific studies on astrology have had mixed results, so they think astrology is not a real science. However, it’s important to remember that astrology has many different methods, so it’s not fair to make broad judgments.

Astrology is true:

Astrology is far from being a mere myth, and holds undeniable truths about our lives. People find meaning and guidance in astrology. They think astrology helps them understand themselves and their relationships better. Astrology makes people think about their strengths, weaknesses, and what they want in life. Astrology’s ability to predict life events is a testament to its validity. Astrologers get into the depths of your birth chart, drawing from ancient wisdom, particularly in Vedic astrology, to reveal accurate insights.

Through centuries of observation and practice, Vedic astrology has consistently demonstrated its truthfulness. Its principles and techniques have withstood the test of time, establishing astrology as a reliable tool for understanding and anticipating life’s twists and turns. Embracing astrology can unlock a deeper connection to the universe and provide guidance on our journey through life.

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