Launch of ‘The Zebras-Dark Start’ Trailer at India Pavilion, Festival de Cannes

Cannes (France), May 27: The much-anticipated trailer of ‘The Zebras-Dark Start’ was officially launched at the prestigious India Pavilion during the Festival de Cannes. The film, directed by the acclaimed Aneek Chaudhuri and produced by Akhil & Ashik (YULIN PRODUCTIONS), stars Sharib Hashmi, Priyanka Sarkar, and Usha Banerjee.

‘The Zebras-Dark Start’ is an evocative exploration of societal boundaries and personal redemption, promising to deliver a powerful narrative that resonates with audiences globally. The film explores the impact of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in the fashion and entertainment industry. The trailer offers a glimpse into the intense performances and the rich, immersive storytelling that Aneek Chaudhuri is known for.

In a world increasingly dominated by technology, “The Zebras – Dark Start,” directed by Aneek Chaudhuri and produced by Akhil & Ashik, presents a poignant and thought-provoking narrative on the aftermath of artificial intelligence (AI) in the fashion industry. This film delves deep into the ethical and creative dilemmas posed by AI, offering a blend of mystery, emotion, and social commentary.

“The Zebras – Dark Start” unfolds in a near-future setting where AI technologies have revolutionized the fashion and photography sectors. The film follows the lives of individuals deeply entrenched in these industries, including fashion designers, models, and photographers, exploring how AI influences their work and personal lives. It raises critical questions about creativity, originality, and the human touch in an era where machines can replicate and even surpass human capabilities.

Key Characters

●     Sharib Hashmi plays a seasoned fashion photographer grappling with the implications of AI on his craft. He is a Kim ki duk fan and runs a midnight diner.

●     Priyanka Sarkar portrays a fashion model who faces ethical dilemmas as AI starts to dominate creative processes.

●     Usha Banerjee is a documentary photographer who preys upon the society

The film gained significant attention when its trailer was launched at the Cannes Film Festival. This was a full-circle moment for Chaudhuri, as the film’s poster was first unveiled at Cannes two years prior. The presence of “The Zebras – Dark Start” at such a prestigious event underscores its global relevance and the growing discourse on AI’s impact on creative industries.

Aneek Chaudhuri is known for his unique storytelling style that often blends deep introspection with compelling narratives. In “The Zebras – Dark Start,” he brings to light the dark and light aspects of AI through a cinematic lens. Chaudhuri’s narrative invites viewers to contemplate the convergence of technology and humanity, challenging societal norms and evoking a sense of introspection.

Produced by Akhil & Ashik, the film features a visually striking aesthetic that captures the dichotomy of AI’s sleek, efficient world against the raw, imperfect nature of human creativity. The cinematography and set design reflect this tension, using contrasting visuals to emphasize the film’s core themes.

At its heart, “The Zebras – Dark Start” is a commentary on the ethical implications of AI. It questions the cost of convenience and efficiency when it comes to creative expression. The film poses crucial questions: Can AI truly replicate human creativity? What happens to the role of artists and designers in a world where AI can produce art and fashion? Through its characters’ struggles, the film highlights the potential loss of individuality and the erosion of ethical boundaries in the pursuit of technological advancement.

High Features of the Trailer:

Stellar Cast Performances: Sharib Hashmi, Priyanka Sarkar, and Usha Banerjee deliver compelling performances, capturing the complex emotions and nuances of their characters.

Cinematic Excellence: The trailer showcases stunning cinematography, blending dark, atmospheric visuals with striking color contrasts that emphasize the film’s thematic depth.

Gripping Narrative: The storyline hints at a riveting plot filled with unexpected twists, exploring themes of morality, conflict, and human resilience.

Rich Sound Design: The atmospheric score and meticulous sound design add layers of intensity and emotion, enhancing the viewing experience.

Reception at the Festival:

The launch event at the India Pavilion was attended by an array of international filmmakers, critics, and cinema enthusiasts. The trailer received an enthusiastic response, with many praising its artistic vision and the powerful performances of its lead actors. The viewers were enthusiastic about shooting in Kolkata with Indian actors. Industry experts lauded the film’s visual impact anticipating that ‘The Zebras-Dark Start’ will make a significant impact on the global film circuit.

Speaking of the event, Director Aneek Chaudhuri expressed his gratitude: “It’s an honor to launch our trailer at such a prestigious platform. ‘The Zebras-Dark Start’ is a project close to my heart, and I am thrilled to share this glimpse with the world.”

Producers Akhil Murali and Ashik Murali of Yulin Productions added, “We are immensely proud of what we have achieved with this film. The response here at Cannes is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team.”

Aneek is a listed artist at the Oscars with his previous films awarded worldwide in reputed international film festivals. He is also a film theorist and has authored books that speak about Psychology of Colors in Cinema.

Producers Akhil & Ashik are from Kerala with their production company Yulin Productions. Yulin productions has already garnered response with their Malayalam film ‘Digital Village’, which is currently streaming in Amazon prime OTT. It has been a tour de force in completion of ‘The Zebras-Dark Start’ with artistic liberty granted to the director.

The music is composed by Fabio Anastasi whose violin and piano outplays the activities going on in the film. The camera is helmet by Arijit Bose. The production controller of the film is Praveen B. Menon who was worked in previous reputed projects in Malayalam Cinema. The sound is designed by Arun Rama Varma who has been associated with projects like Delhi Belly and Drishyam.

‘The Zebras-Dark Start’ is set to be a groundbreaking film that challenges and captivates audiences. With its official trailer receiving acclaim at the Festival de Cannes, the film is poised for a successful journey ahead. Keep an eye out for its release, as it promises to be a cinematic experience not to be missed.

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